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There are several very good online ballistics calculators where you input bullet BC, bullet weight, muzzle velocity, altitude, relative humidity, air temperature, wind speed and angle, etc.

I tried Hornady's online calculator and plugged in the numbers for .22 long rifle standard velocity using a BC of 0.13.
5 mph crosswind = 8.1 inches of drift @ 200 yards
10 mph crosswind = 16.2 inches of drift @ 200 yards.

So yes, wind drift is pretty linear.

How did I know that the BC of a .22LR is 0.13? It's not published anywhere.

I plugged in different BC's into the calculator until I found one that made the calculator match published 100 yard velocities. It's not a perfect science. I couldn't find a single BC that made the calculator match both the 50 and 100 yard published velocities but they were close.
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