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I have a 45 Colt 24 inch Octagonal barreled Rossi. Out of the box, like many factory guns, it was rough, hard to load, and not accurate. I planned on using a tang sight, and have happily gotten one and learned how to use it. I also hand load. This gun can handle more pressure than a Ruger, but the types of bullets it can handle are more limited. Any lever action will have OAL limitations as well as just having certain bullets it prefers to shoot. I cleaned the action, replaced some springs, and most importantly firelapped the bore because of the extremely rough barrel it had. It had dovetail contrictions that limited the accuracy of cast bullets considerably. 47 or so lapping loads later, I can shoot 4 inch steel plates at 150 yards with relative ease, and count on hitting them nearly every time.It loves the moderate load of a Lyman 250gr rn or swc, but not a store bought 270gr. SWC. It also likes other bigger bullet loads as long as they are higher velocity. I have numerous Marlins, and because they are not of recent manufacture, have not had quality control issues. Newer ones made by. Remington have taken a dip in quality, but hopefully are improving again. My Marlin 45 Colt was easy by comparison to get to shoot. The best part of getting a 45 Colt lever, is that they shoot the same cast diameter as the Ruger revolver does when its throats have been cleaned up. I may get another in 45 Colt (short 20 in barrel stainless), but will look on it as a work in progress. Incidently, my 45 Rossi did like jacketed bullets from the start. That is not an option for general plinking for me. If I hunted with a 45 colt, it would be with my 20 inch Marlin. It is much more balanced, and quick to the shoulder.

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