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Safety switch

So, tell me if this is bad practice. But I don't run safetys on any gun.

Everyone around me that shoots, does. Rifles, shotguns, pistols whatever. But here is the thing. I have a gun in my truck , my carry gun and a pistol and a shotgun next to my bed. Every single gun is different and has a safety in a different spot. If I ever needed to use a gun I do not want to be thinking where the safety is.

If I had someone a gun, its unloaded and the slide is back. If you want to shoot my gun, you load your own to shoot it. I have no reason to ever use a safety. My carry gun doesnt even have one.

I guess the arguement could be made if someone else were to grab my gun. Though possible the people I surround myself with don't do that. It could happen, accidents do happen, but thats an extreme what if.

Am I wrong? Does anyone else think like me?
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