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Sure glad it wasn't any worse than it was. There are too many bad endings very similar to your story every year. Similar to wearing a harness while hunting a tree stand, gravity is there as well, and the sudden stop is not your friend. Unfortunately there are many related stories about that every year as well.

I hunt is some pretty back woods areas where the closest ER is easily over an hour away if your driving over the speed limit. Cell phone service is also VERY spotty as well. When I leave the truck, barn, or house, I keep the thought of my friend or wife finding me in some unfortunate fashion, hours after I should have been home. This keeps me a bit more on my toes with things like this.

So far the worst thing I have had happen was herniating two disc while out hog hunting. I bent over to go under some low limbs, and it felt like I was pole axed right in the hips. It literally took my feet out from under me and my breath away. Luckily my friend and his wife had stopped where I had parked my 4 wheeler, knowing I should have already been there now some time after dark. Since they had no idea where I was they simply waited. When they saw my faint light down the road they came and got me.

It was the worst two hour drive I have ever made to get home, and I can honestly say, that Dodge puts a VERY stout steering wheel on their trucks, because I tried my best to bend mine into a pretzle during the trip several times. The DR at the ER said he was amazed I was able to still walk, and that I was lucky that neither of them had ruptured, or I would have been right where I went down, and had to have been brought out professionally to keep from being ruined for life. It sure shed a whole new light on getting back in the thick stuff where the big ones hang out for sure.

I think your story is another sound reminder to us all, that we owe it to ourselves, and especially our familes, and hunting friends, to think things through a bit more while out in the woods. Sometimes even the simplest of things can have grave consiquences.
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