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TSJC summer school costs run like this:

$350 per course week. CO residents pay $350 after the college opportunity fund is applied to the balance. Out of state students taking the course for credit pay $465.70 per course, up to 12 credit hours.

There is a one-time registration fee of $12.05.

Housing is $100/week single, $130/week married. The housing is in the dorms across the street from the Mullen building. Meals: You can purchase a discounted meal ticket at the cafeteria when you first eat there, or you can pay on an ad hoc basis per meal you take there.

No firearms or ammo is allowed in the dorms during summer classes. There are provisions to check your firearms into vaults in the toolroom during the summer classes.

The bookstore sells some tools - a basic selection of measurement instruments, polishing paper, hand files and rasps, end mills, etc.

My advice to people who go to TSJC for summer courses is to be realistic in what you expect to accomplish. It is sometimes mind-boggling how many projects some of the dabblers in gunsmithing bring, thinking they're just going to knock these projects off as fast as a full time 'smith. Hint: If you don't spend hours per week running a lathe and mill, you're not going to be going blue blazes. If you don't drive a file every day, what's a small 10 minute job to those of us who do drive a file every day becomes a two hour affair as you check, re-check and re-re-check your work as you're filing on it.
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