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Questions about my choke.

Hey all.

I recently purchased a used Benelli SuperNova at the local pawn&gun.

In the box were the Benelli-manufactured Full, Improved Cylinder, and Modified Chokes.

However, screwed into the barrel was what I believe to be a Kicks Buck Kicker Full choke.
What I'm wondering is :

1) Is it safe to use this choke with 00 Buckshot?
I bought the gun to use for skeet shooting, and will obviously use birdshot then, but I have to use buckshot at the local indoor range.

2) Is this a quality choke? Should I be happy to have gotten it, and the almost-new Supernova for about $430? Or should I shake my fist at the dealer a couple times before I run off and have fun with it?

Any answers will be appreciated, as always.
I look forward to your responses.

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