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Rossi 92 in 45colt as first/only/all purpose rifle

I grew up hunting on occasion and still do. When I do I have a multitude of family members with land and rifles. I am a handgun fanatic. I love shooting and collecting them. I have just never gotten around to getting a rifle. I have reached to point where I want one and feel I "need" one. (I do have a Ruger 10/22 so the rimfire rifle is covered)

I reload and my favorite caliber is 45 colt. I am considering a Rossi 92 in 45 colt with a 24" barrel. What is everyone's opinon on this as a first rifle. My primary use for all firearms is fun and hobby, but self defense is important. I am pretty sure this gun would be a hoot to shoot, but how do you think it would stack up as an all purpose gun (100-150 yard hunting, self defense, SHTF [ I know those thread are frowned upon, but this would be part of the guns role])

Should I break down and get a AR or AK? I know both of those would have higher capacity and longer ranges.

I am driving myself crazy trying to pick out my christmas present and I keep going back to the Rossi. Already reloading for 45 colt plays a big role in wanting this gun. ARs get a lot of hype and I am sure it is for a good reason.

What are your thoughts?
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