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Questions regarding NFA rifles (SBR' in particular)

As I understand it, the last AWB had provisions in it that grandfathered previously registered NFA firearms out of the regulations and so on.

I was thinking of purchasing several lowers and and a few receivers for AK' and AR15' and registering them as SBR' but not assembling them might be a good idea.

Not to say that there will be another AWB (Though of course that is a concern for many) I was wondering if that's legally acceptable to just have a registered receiver that was slated to become an SBR but would remain bare until a later time. I was considering doing something like this since there are a number of projects I would eventually like to do down the line but don't have the time to do it (nor quite the funds).

Was thinking this would be a little insurance just in case something does happen that makes getting an SBR much more difficult or illegal all together.

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