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I measured the difference between the the barrel and the magazine extension with and without the forearm attached.

I then proceeded to trim that amount off the front of the forend. I then reassembled the gun and loaded and unloaded 20 times without any problems.

I am very curious if this is the problem many people are having. Doing what I did took up any gap between the magazine tube and Choate extension and allowed the extension to thread all the way onto the magazine tube.

The forend is ever so slightly loose now though so I may have to add a large washer to tighten it up. I can move the barrel about 1/32nd of an inch perhaps. Apparently I took off just a bit too much. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't scientific. Is the pressure from the forend all that holds the barrel tightly into the receiver?

Anyways, it functions properly now loading up 7 rounds each time and the follower doesn't hang while loading or unloading.
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