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I have long wanted a .44 AutoMag (since about 1973?)..thanks, Clint.

I believe I saw several years ago where someone had bought the rights to the name and was going to start producing them again. One could "get on board" and reserve one of the first new production AutoMags for...I forget, it might have been ~$2500 or so. I seem to recall something that was too good to be true...maybe buy one, get a second for 1/2 price?

At the time I had a shortage of throwaway funds and a surplus of caution, so I passed on that deal. Worked out okay for me, maybe not so much for the people who "jumped on board"...

On the other hand, I saw a (Pasadena? Hollywood?) AutoMag .357 at a small gun show about ten years ago. He was looking for $1250-1300 IIRC. Maybe I should have snagged it, but I did not know what I did not know (or more accurately, I knew that I did not know anything) so I passed.

Maybe I'll get another chance one day...

Or maybe one day I will snag a Coonan (especially if they decide to make a ~4 incher, or, even better ...a .41 Mag Coonan)
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