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Good idea. I will do this tomorrow after i buy a new set of feeler guages.

Question.. earlier today, i was in the basement messing around with some cases and was measuring the headspace on a few that i had sized and got to thinking about the Redding competition shell holders again.. i still have the case set aside that i sized by camming the press over while using the standard shell holder. With the RCBC precision mic, the head space of this case was -0.005" (way over-sized) while my unsized once fired cases measure an average of -0.001" so would using these two measurements be a good method to say that i would need a Redding competition shell holder that is 0.002" to allow me to cam the press over and have the head space measurement im looking for of -0.003" ? (0.002" shorter than a fired case)

I realize that to know for sure how accurate it is, i would eventually just have to get the shell holder and use it then measure the sized case, but in my logic, i thought this told me which one i need. Does this work out like im thinking it does?
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