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Remington is NOT getting out of the component business.
This has been discussed multiple times, lately.
It's just a ridiculous rumor, perpetuated by people that feel wronged when they see their favorite components out of stock or on a long backorder.

The worst thing Remington will do with .35 Remington brass, is put it on the "seasonal run" list. That means... pretty much nothing.
Other cartridges/cases on the "seasonal run" list include (but are not limited to):
.35 Whelen
.350 Remington Magnum
.30-40 Krag
.303 British
.32 Winchester Special

For most of those, that just means they need enough distributor/retailer orders to justify running the brass (including brass destined for loaded ammunition). In the case of .30-40 Krag, that means they need a minimum order of 125,000 pieces to get scheduled for production and the minimum run will be 150,000 pieces (and, I believe, a minimum of 100,000 cases must be for loaded ammunition). Each cartridge has its own threshold, but everything I have inquired about (talking directly to a Remington production manager) was between 125,000 pieces and 250,000 pieces for a minimum run.

Even the "lowly" and unpopular .30-40 Krag gets run almost every year (twice in 2010 and a follow-up in early 2011), so I don't think .35 Remington would have any problems hitting the threshold. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say .35 Remington's threshold would be 150k-175k.
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