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I said my uncles didnt expand to even caliber diameter. To make it simpler, it means the nose didnt open up at all.
Okay, now you've confused me. If the bullet was full caliber when it left the barrel and it wasn't full caliber when you recovered it, did it shrink? Trust me, that bullet was full caliber diameter when it left the muzzle. It may not have expanded, but it probably didn't shrink to below full diameter.

Originally Posted by jlove1974
Once I hit 100 or so, then we will probably start working up some hot loads.
You don't need hot loads in the .243. I'm pushing a 100 grain bullet at 3100 fps (my rifle, my chronograph) and I'm not yet to the max load. I quit when the group shrank to under an inch. I've shot some wonderfully small 3-shot groups, but this 5-shot group is about average of what my bone-stock rifle is capable of doing.

Originally Posted by jlove1974
Hmm I see I struck a nerve when I mentioned core-lokts and failure in the same sentence. We've got a guy in our club that had complete core separation at the 'locking crimp' etc. They are not a bonded bullet, just a fact.
No, you didn't strike a nerve at all. Core-Lokt's are good bullets, but they're standard cup-and-core construction. Remington makes them, literally, by the millions. But, yeah, they're known to fail. However, if you consider the failure, you recovered the bullet, so... the game animal was laying somewhere you could find it. There's nothing especially wrong with Core-Lokt's, just that they're not premium bullets. They've killed a whole lot of game.
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