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Originally Posted by reloader28 View Post
Brian, in case you didnt notice, your bullet expanded to more than caliber diameter. It looks great.
I said my uncles didnt expand to even caliber diameter. To make it simpler, it means the nose didnt open up at all. It was no better than a FMJ. And it even hit a bone and was bent like a banana. I dont have pictures cause he's 80 miles away. Some people love them and get good performance with them, we will never buy anymore or recommend them to anyone. The reason they get so much penatration could be because they dont expand as they're supposed to.

I didnt mean to hi-jack this thread any further, so I wont go on about this anymore.

Sorry Jevyod.
All I can say is that your experience is the polar opposite of every story I've ever heard about Barnes bullets. The reason they penetrate is weight retention, not lack of expansion. They wouldn't kill the way they do if they didn't expand. I've seen picture after picture of TSX bullets that look just like that picture and sometimes better and they've penetrated animals, from wild hogs to deer to water buffalo, sometimes literally from end to end.

I would hesitate to completely write-off a proven performer because of a singular failure.

Also, I've interacted with Barnes reps on several occasions and found them informative, friendly and helpful. I bet they'd love to have that bullet back to see why it failed.
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