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Originally Posted by Tom Servo
That will depend on the locality for the most part. Different states have different laws on carry. Pennsylvania law is pretty clear that there's statewide preemption, but Philadelphia is known for sometimes doing things their own way (there's a weird bit of verbiage about "cities of the first class" IIRC).
Correct. A "city of the first class" under PA law is a city with a population greater than 1 million. Since Pittsburgh is currently only around 300,000 or so, Philadelphia is the only city of the first class in the state, and is probably the only one there ever will be.

The only practical difference this makes to us gun owners is that for most of Pennsylvania, concealed carry requires a license but open carry is legal without any license. In a "city of the first class," ALL carry of handguns requires a license. With a license, both open and concealed carry are legal in Philadelphia.
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