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I started with the 223. Great all around for Yotes and Dogs. Then went to 22-250 another great one for both. Finally i went to a 243. They are all devistating to Yotes and Dogs. All depends on your needs and wants. Next now i am telling the wife i need a 25-06 for Yote and Doges. Not sure what excuss i am going to tell her for the 7mm-08

Really it comes down to what you want. All 3 are great for both. If not reloading i would go with the 223 for cost sakes. If reloading then any one.
All 3 are very accurate rifles. The scope is what you need to look at. For Yotes you don't need to much,but to take a Dog at 400 or more yards you will need some power in your scope.
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