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Yep that's what they cost around here for factory loaded TSX or TTSX. I am still saving .243 brass to justify buying a set of dies for it. Once I hit 100 or so, then we will probably start working up some hot loads. But Fusion bullets are available as components too, and darn near cheap as dirt too.

Any of the electrofused or copper-core bullets are a step above cup and core, and for your average 100-150lb deer they will do just fine. My son absolutely CRUSHED a big bodied 5-pointer last year with the 100-gr Winchester power points, but it was a 40 yard shot in the high shoulder and he was done. That's when I realized that the .243 gives up nothing to a bigger caliber if it's put in the vitals. It's a 'mini-magnum' in my book
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