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The environmental conditions above the surface, particularly as regards the presence of UV radiation and large temperature swings, are radically different than those in the depths of a landfill. Just saying.
As I pointed out earlier, Nylon has been around for nearly 80 years, and it wasn't the first plastic invented. The issues associated with UV exposure are well known, and some poking around will demonstrate that testing has been done to determine the effects of UV exposure on Glock frames. UV exposure equivalent to 100 years of continuous exposure will not compromise the mechanical properties of the frame although it might look the worse for wear. I doubt many of us leave our guns exposed to UV all day, every day, but if you know someone like that, you might warn them to use a steel or aluminum framed gun if they want it to still be in perfect condition in 100 years.
Automobile dash boards are designed to resist sunlight, but I've seen far too many to count that had to be replaced after a few years in the Florida sun.
I live in TX, and I've seen the same thing with poor quality dash boards. However, the dash in my 1990 Accord lasted 14 years and still looked new when I sold the car. Never was in the garage a day. UV and plastics are known quantities. If a manufacturer cares about the durability of their product, then they can easily deal with the issue constructively.
I have several RV bins of a similar plastic that have withstood near ten years of exposure to the sun while other bins a few feet away have become so brittle they shattered when I went to move them.
That's the key. It depends on whether or not the manufacturer takes the necessary steps required to make the product last.
A P-35 or 1911 with a casehead blow out will usually require a new magazine and new pair of grips, while a Glock frame/grip will shatter like a jelly jar in your hand.
I read an interesting analysis on this some years back. Suffice it to say, that some experts are of the opinion that a polymer grip frame is actually an asset during a catastrophic incident due to the way that polymer absorbs and dissipates energy compared to wooden grips, for example.
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