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imho you won't ever go wrong with the cz scout. i,i mean santa, bought my eldest son now 8 yrs old a cz scout with a leupold vx1 2-7x32 two Christmas' ago when he was 6. i need to buy my youngest son which is about to be 2 yrs old in a month a 452 scout before they stop making them. cz has dc'd the 452 action in favor of the 455. i like a couple of y'all gravitate to the cz 452 rimfires myself.
good luck with the little fella and keep spending quality gun powder burnin' time with him as i don't believe that it will be in vain. a boy needs to know how to do certain things and shooting a gun is just one of them. not to disrespect to single moms but i believe that it takes a man to show a man to be a man to quote a bumper sticker that i saw recently.
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