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The psi for the 9mm is the same as the 357 at 35,000 psi. The 9mm +p is even higher at 38,500. Do not be deceived by these numbers. The case capacity is why the 357 outperforms the 9mm +p.

I get 1750 fps from my 6" 357 with 125 grain bullets. I use Laser hardcast with Accurate #9. You are not going to even come close to this with a 9mm. There is not enough case capacity to handle the volume of the slower burning powders. To match this velocity the 9mm you would need a faster burning powder, that creates more pressure, putting it over the safe zone of 38,500.

There are exception to all these rules with a revolver or auto built to handle higher SAAMI pressures. For example: The Blackhawk and Redhawk 357s could be loaded to blow the doors off any argument if need be. The case capacity has the final say!
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