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Open Carry

I must say, I have conflicted views on open carry. That being said, I live in Indiana and can choose either open or concealed carry. I open carry at least once or twice a week in public. Normally late at night and when I won't find myself visiting highly populated places (like wal-mart or other large stores). I do a lot of driving and it is much more comfortable to leave it on my hip. I can say with quite a bit of certainty that my open carrying of a firearm has deterred at least one crime. I was visiting with a female gas station attendant around 2am and a man, the only other one in the store, was walking around glancing at me as if he was waiting for me to leave. When he caught site of my HK USP he left abruptly without purchasing anything. Was he truly waiting for me to leave? Who knows, probably not. But I like to think I may have prevented something bad from happening to the woman.

As far as making me a target; I don't believe in it. This is the way I look at it, if something is going down I should already consider myself a target. This is where situational awareness comes into play. More and more I find myself constantly scanning the people around me, I try to keep tabs on exits, and I like keeping my back to a wall. I realize saying this is going to make me sound paranoid and who knows what else, but hey, if it saves me or my loved ones some trouble 20 years from now, it was worth every moment of it.
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