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If you want to see one of the original firearms that belonged to the Massachusetts colonists, the NRA museum has a wheellock musket that was found inside a wall in some old house in Massachusetts. It is impressive and is in excellent shape, probably not having been touched in 300 years. Likewise, there was an old helmet dug up in the 17th century settlement of Wolsetenholmtowne, near Williamsburg. It is also referred to as Martin's Hundred. The settlement was abandoned after the Indian revolt in 1622. The settlement was located almost directly in front of the house at Carter's Grove.

In fact, after referring to some references I have on the subject, there were two helmets found, both of the closed style (face entirely covered). You can imagine what shape they were in having been in the ground a stone's throw from the James River, yet they were restored and are on display somewhere. I thought of those when reading posts about those who have found firearms, or the remains of one, somewhere in the ground.
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