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Philly cops harass man for open carry

I searched and don't believe this is a repost. Please remove if so mods... thanks/sorry.

A friend sent me this link. I do not intend a drive-by posting. Please watch the video and read the article. Then, read my question to open carriers below.



Since Illinois will probably never let citizens carry, I was wondering how those that open carry feel about a bad guy seeing their firearm and possibly making you the first target. Do you feel you may be targeted, or do you believe by someone seeing your firearm they may be hesitant about going on with their malicious intentions? Is open carry a deterrent in other words? Do any of you that open carry sometimes cover it up? As soon as we get Pat Quinn out of office, Illinois may have a shot at concealed carry again. I've been going to the IGOLD rally for three years, and every year it seems like more people are showing up. Anyway, rambling. On to my thoughts on the video.

I believe the police should question someone at least for a carry permit, but it seems like the second officer had stopped this guy before. PD were just messing with him because they want him to comply with their beliefs and not allow him to do want he wants as the state law says he has the option to do reference open carry.

Thanks for your opinions and sorry, again, if this was a report.

Hope you all had a good turkey day.

Concealed Carry in Illinois!
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