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Hulley I have a friend at the range that reloads for 5.7 FN exclusively. It is the only caliber he reloads for. I helped him get set up to reload. While starting be ready to sacrifice some brass while getting things set up. After that expect between 3 and 6 times to reload brass. Neck splits happen, and due to the round being short, and thin anneling would not be advisable.

The process involves a couple of extra steps is all.
You will most likely need a universal expander. The expander on the sizing die tends to not open the mouth of the thin walled case enough. The bullet then being pushed into the case buckles the case at the shoulder. This is where I had to help my friend to work out what was giving problems.

Steps are:
1. FL resize/deprime. Be ready after a couple of loading to start seeing neck splits.
2. Expand the case mouth. (This is the part that will take experimenting with to get right. Open enough to keep a bit of neck tension. The bullet should not enter the case mouth. You should have to hold it up until it is in the seating die. When seating if the round looks like it has a donut at the start of the shoulder then open the case mouth a bit more. The brass is so thin that cases will do this if mouth is not opened up enough.
3. Charge
4. Seat the bullet. (Follow the direction on how to seat without crimping. Neck tension should be enough alone. Crimping will buckle the case as well.)
5. Box 'em, bag 'em, or however you pack 'em.
6. Take them to the range, and shoot them.
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