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It seems that the people that do re-load the 5.7x28mm are pretty convincing to not try this unless your are an expert reloader.
Understatement. I've been reloading over 20 years, particularly for extreme range rifle shooting--so OCD precision is my norm. After 6 months worth of careful working with the 5.7 with unreliable results, I said to heck with that little hand-grenade. Way too touchy for my taste. A powder drop a couple tenths light won't cycle, a couple tenths over could cause a 'KABOOM' (and has for more than a few). You can keep that stupid little thing.

What is it that some people say makes it so difficult to reload? I can't even imagine anything. I'd guess that the "difficulty" is overblown.
Yup--figured the same thing till I started working with it.

The 5.7 is no different to reload then any other bottle neck cartridge.
Wanna bet your loading station on that statement? All my 5.7 brass gets swaged into .30 cal bullet jackets now. They make much better bonded-core soft-points than reloads, IMO, and aren't going to detonate in my face either.
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