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I have had one slamfire in a AR15, witnessed one, I had three slamfires in M1 Garands, two out of battery, all with Federal Match primers.
When firing or when chambering a round?

Yeah. Federal primers present a special problem with gas rifles. I won't even use'em in an auto feed tube.

If you shoot highpower rifle you will either see or meet people who had, or have seen slamfires.
I have. I've seen a few claimed slamfires, but was unable to duplicate it with the same rifle in several attempts...which leads me to believe that they actually bump-fired. So, I've got me doubts, lad. I've got me doubts.

But this is about 1911 pistols. I only used the M1/M14 analogy to show that if those only slam fire rarely...and usually only with soft primers...then a spring loaded inertial firing pin isn't a concern...Series 80 or not.

Another one of my favorite myths to debunk with the 1911 is the out of battery kaboom...but that's meat for another debate.
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