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I am wondering why some people at using the NRA to deflect from an issue that concerns the WWP?
WWP saying thy somehow do not contains with the firearm industry because of return on investment is bogus. As someone who does marketing research this makes no sense. Unless your motive of mission are political you take every opportunity in the world to reach out to an audience that met be interested in supporting you especially if they are a large audience.
WWP was invited to be a guest on Gun Talk a nationally syndicated show to talk about their program. They turned them down citing the "co branding issue"? Being a guest does not co brand your organization. This is absolute BS. thousands of organizations are involved in thousands of interviews on thousands of programs each year. They look at audience numbers and reach unless they have a political agenda. WWP was revealed as being anti gun then they tried to lie about it. I would have disagreed with them but respected them if they simply said our organization is anti gun, sorry, since our clients have all been injured by firearms or other weapons we thunk this is for the best. Bu they can't do that.
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