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It's interesting to note that Colt developed the Swartz safety system for the 1911 in the 1930s (Kimber today uses a variation of the Swartz system). In the build up for WWII no branch of the military wanted the device in the gun, possibly due to both cost and questions about the usefulness of the device. During WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and various conflicts no extra safety devices were added to the 1911.

The Navy did demand that S&W revolvers add a hammer block safety device to their revolvers though. The Colt da revolvers had such a safety device in them for many years but not S&W. After a few unintended discharges with S&W revolvers dropped on steel decks the Navy objected and S&W did add the hammer block. They have had them to this day.

But no branch of the U.S. military ever disavowed the 1911 for safety reasons.

When they went to the Berretta 92 it was for a variety of reasons but safety concerns were not the primary reasons.

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