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Your .50 will give good performance.

.50 cal is a wuss. .58 is bad ass.
Well, I suppose you could say that the .50 may not be a bad ass but it will get the job done. Most deer are taken with .50 then any other caliber but in fairness, that is primarily due to there being more .50's than other hunting calibers. ...

Then again, by this logic, a .58 should be considered a wuss compared to a .69 or .75 .....

Most if not all of the M/L's in the typical chain stores, are of the closed breech types, break or box actions and require 209 primers. Looks like this is the direction you are leaning toward. All come with basic instructions and there are literally unlimited sources of information our there. One that comes to mind, is books by Sam Fadala. I hope you catch the bug and eventually get into the Traditionals. .....

Be Safe !!!
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