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I don't know what we are debating.

I have had one slamfire in a AR15, witnessed one, I had three slamfires in M1 Garands, two out of battery, all with Federal Match primers.

One gentleman I shoot with had two in battery slamfires in his AR15's with Federal primers and decided to change primers.

If you shoot highpower rifle you will either see or meet people who had, or have seen slamfires.

Primer sensitivity varies by primer composition and by technology. Federal primers use normal lead styphnate and federals are well known to be more sensitivity than other brands.

The sensitivity of military primer compositions are "matched" to the characteristics of the weapons they are used in. To a point. The designers of the Garand could not make the 30-06 primer less sensitive because that cartridge was used in a number of other weapons and duding the primer would cause misfires in those other mechanisms. The 30 Carbine was the first of its type and its firing pin is round and solid, like the original round Garand firing pin and it turns out the 30 Carbine primer had the highest drop distance of any US military primer.

It may take a lot of weapons and rounds out there before the slamfire potential of a mechanism becomes apparent. This was obviously true of the Garand and it was true of the AR15. Both the Garand and the AR15 went through troop trials, design tests, before it became obvious that the mechanisms would slamfire. For both systems the Army lightened the firing pins and for the AR15, made the #41 primer less sensitive than the commercial primers the cartridge had been loaded to that date. It turned out that the less sensitive primer caused misfires in Stoner’s later weapon designs as the later Stoner modular weapon system mechanism did not have as much ignition energy as his AR15. Most embarrassing for Stoner.
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