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Muzzleloading help

Now that I have the basic collection (hunting rifle in 3006, Mosin nagant for plunking, 4570 lever action for big game, a shotgun for upland and a 223 for varmint ) I decided next should be a muzzleloader. It will give me few extra weeks of hunting and .50 cal is just bad ass. However I know little to nothing about them. I have an extra scope Nikon monarch that will go on it. I see big chain stores sell muzzleloaders for few hundred bucks but I realized long ago u get what you pay for. I buy things with mind set that they will never be sold and will be left to my kids and grand kids. What better place to ask advice than here on a forum. I wouldn't mind a used muzzleloader (older stuff usually are better quality). Thank you in advance.
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