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I agree with the OP completely! I keep 200 rounds of ammo for each caliber that I shoot. When I hit the range, I come home and reload the "stash" back up to 200 rounds. It keeps me from storing thousands of rounds of ammo at home. I just load what I need. My twin Dillon RL550's are easy to convert so I just load small batches.

Yesterday, I ordered a MEC 600jr 12 gauge reloader for my Christmas present. Rotometals had a sale on reclaimed shot so I snagged 50 pounds of that, too. I started out reloading shot shells and enjoy it tremendously! I sold my gear but I'm getting back into it, now.

I did the same with bullet casting. I love doing it so I made some deals and replaced all of my casting molds, melters, dies, top punches and sizer/lubricators. I got hooked up with a great guy who sells reclaimed bullet lead and I'm back in the saddle again!

I do those things because I like them. No other reason is necessary.

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