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I was shot in the right shoulder with a 22LR. I can assure you that my immediate concerns were to get gone so I wouldn't get another one! It felt like a blow from a giant fist, stayed numb for a while then began to hurt a lot later.

I was in trouble so got home and pulled the bullet out of my own shoulder with a pair of tweezers and a pocket knife. I put the knife blade in the hole and felt a metallic "clink". I knew that it was accessible so I got after it with the tweezers. There is probably a piece of it still in the wound area as it itches like fire on occasion. The fact that it hit a heavily muscled area was probably an advantage as it was easier to reach. I never had any infection.

When I was first hit, I felt the blow and took some time (perhaps 10-20 seconds) to assess where I was hit and how badly. The blood was flowing freely and the shock of seeing my own blood was a trip. THAT is the time the shooter would use to get gone. That is what I did, too.

I worked with a lady who stole $200 from our company. She was accused, went home and shot herself in the head with a .22. She was unconscious for 4 days until she died. She left a note admitting her guilt. She was dead from one hit with a .22 over $200 stinking Dollars.

People who say .22's are not sufficient as SD rounds have NOT been shot with one. Those nasty little high velocity hollow points do a LOT of damage and will change the attitude of any sane man. I do not advocate the .22 as a carry gun but please don't keyboard commando this issue. Being hit with a .22 is BAD business!

A HIT with a .22LR is infinitely better than a MISS with a .44 magnum!

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