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Hmm I see I struck a nerve when I mentioned core-lokts and failure in the same sentence. We've got a guy in our club that had complete core separation at the 'locking crimp' etc. They are not a bonded bullet, just a fact.

I've shot corelokts out of my .30-06, when I was shooting groups to decide.
The regular ones and the premiums shot like crap in my Browning so I moved on. Winchester power points shot well out of my wife's Savage .243, but when we finished the box (and my son shot a nice buck with it) I moved all our centerfire ammo to Fusion. It's as cheap as a Corelokt or WWB ammo but just a superior bullet.

I have a .243 Fusion 95gr bullet that we recovered from my wife's 175-lb 8 point buck that she shot 20 days ago. I'll post a pic but here's the run down:

Buck was 80 yards, quartering away at an extreme angle. She shot him 3 inches forward of the rear ham, bullet travelled thru the deer, thru the heart, and lodged into the neck. The buck made it almost 30 yards in a death leap. My B-I-L recovered it while processing the neck roast.

It was fully expanded, completely extended petals and retained 82% of the weight. I feel like if she would have a mechanically locked or otherwise unbonded core bullet, it would have had jacket separation. Would the buck have died? Probably. But for the same money, I'll have to really work to find a better bullet.
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