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Don't do dumb stuff

Last Saturday, I shot a deer, on the side of a hill, and instead of dragging it to a flat spot to load it on my 4-wheeler, I elected to drive my 4-wheeler to it and load it where it was lying.

The first thing every instruction manuel tells you about your 4-wheeler, says to NEVER operate your wheeler on a sideways slant. But being quite a bit smarter than every manuel ever written, I parked on the slant, and proceeded to load my deer on the rack. It was at this point, that the weight of the deer, was just enough to bring the wheeler over on top of me, pinning my face and body under it, in a pretty good briar patch.

I spent about 20 minutes getting out from under it, and luckily only suffered a scratched up face, and some bad bruises to my chest and shoulders.
So I have decided that "I am not smarter than a fifth grader"

So if any of you have a thought about riding you 4-wheeler on a slant, remember this picture.
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