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Originally Posted by 1911Tuner
We don't give much weight to what happens once or even occasionally. We look for trends rather than the rare occurrence.
Further, there is a HUGE difference between something that "may" occur as opposed to something that "will" occur. Slamfire wrote:

Originally Posted by Slamfire
However, the series 80 firing pin block has its own issues. Yes it is “safer” in terms of slamfires, but it will cause failure to fire malfunctions.
This is clearly incorrect. If something "will" cause something else to happen, that is an absolute statement of 100 percent certainty. If a Series 80 firing pin system "will" cause failures to fire, after having fired tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of rounds through Colt and Para-Ordnance pistols that are equipped with it, I should have experienced multiple failures to fire due to the Series 80 mechanism. To date, I have experienced zero.

I have also not experienced a broken firing pin, a broken firing pin spring, a broken extractor, or a broken sear. All of these, too, may occur and IF they occur may result in a failure to fire (or to cycle), but it would certainly be a stretch to say that I shouldn't have a firing pin in my pistol because it might break and cause a failure.
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