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Tom Servo,

I don't buy that for a minute. Here's Tom Gresham's take on that, transcribed from the bonus podcast.

"[Nardizzi said] the reason we don't do that [allow gun-related companies to display our logo on fundraising efforts for WWP] with the gun companies is because of the 'return on investment' is not there. The ROI just isn't there. By the time we cover our costs, we just don't make enough money doing that.

"I said, 'Well, okay...' and then he jumped in and he said, 'Well, I'd love to do some things with bikes, cycling, because I'm a cyclist, but there's just not enough return there either.

"This led me to ask, 'Well, okay, so if it's all about the ROI, and you won't do cycling, then why isn't cycling listed on your website?' I don't see cycling mentioned anywhere, nothing says we won't do events, we won't co-brand, with cycling. But you specifically list firearms companies...

"So Steve Nardizzi is telling me it's all about the ROI, it's not that we don't like guns, so I said, 'If it's all about the ROI, then you would just turn it down because of that, but you wouldn't specifically list it on your website as, this is an untouchable area and these are people we will not be seen with. We can't co-brand with you people."

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