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In Houston, the owner of a local gun shop went on a radio program praising efforts to eliminate Internet ammunition purchases. His motives were obvious. By sacking Internet ammo purchases, his sales improved.

Our Texas forum got wind of his position, posted the interview messages and before it was over, he had over 13,000 really ticked off Texans nipping at his heels. Later, a full retraction and clarification came out of it.

I will not support the WWP knowing that they have a knife plunged deeply in my back. It's a shame that the best and most deserving of our citizens need to suffer for WWP's Liberal nonsense.

I urge our members to look carefully into the mission statements of groups before you support them. I was interested in joining the "Gray Panthers", a militant senior citizens lobbying group. In the GP agenda, they state that gun ownership must be restricted or eliminated. I flushed them like a BM swirling down the toilet.

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