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Given the cost to try, no I wouldn't do that unless it was a gun I didn't like.

Same here. I have never owned a gun that I didn’t load for other than 22 LR. As far as getting rid of guns, there are some in my collection that no amount of money would take them from me. Others, I get bored with and trade them for something else.
Many guns in my collection have NEVER shot factory rounds. I totally agree with you Hulley, the price of ammo drives me nuts.
With that said, if you feel any concern about selling a gun, don’t. Once it’s gone it will never come back at the price you paid for it, or got for it. Having been in this hobby/addiction for over 35 years there are a number of guns that I kick myself for letting them go. HK91 and a 93 for example when they were only bringing 700$.
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