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Sound supresssors or "noise abatement tubes", Whats what?

Mods: I'm not sure if this belongs here, or in the NFA area as it is in regards to the legal definition of an NFA item, please move as needed.

I sometimes shoot at a public range that has those "Noise abatement tubes" (Big foam-lined sewer pipes, for those that don't have to suffer the abominations they are). I was thinking one day, if they "materially alter the sound of a shot" , which they definitely do, are they not by definition a supressor & therfore in need of all that goes with posession or use of sound supressors?

If you use one at a bublic range are you "posesssing" such a device, or is it's "use" legal & the range has "fabricated a restricted item" & is responsible for them?

Does a supressor have to be attached to qualify as a "silencer" legally?

Are they in some way exempt because they are at a range, or for some reason I haven't figured out?

I'm curious how this breaks down & how the exact legal definition works in cases like this.
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