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I've only traded three weapons away in my life. After a short time in all three occasions I regretted my actions.

1. 300 Savage for a Ruger-77 F/Top >243

2. Win pre-64 94 30-30 for a 22-250 w/ converted Mauser action & Fajen stock and a shinny new bluing job.

3. Tuned by Cylinder & Slide. a Colt Series 70 G/Cup in 45-acp. For a Colt National Match in 45-acp a case of beer and 50 bucks.

My advice: Don't sell/trade nothing. Look for more to buy. Spur the economy.> Buy another safe. Don't worry about the reloading issue. Some day you'll do or maybe not. Either way its a win /win.

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