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...or do what I did. I just bought, sold and traded a couple dozen guns over the course of 20 years and now have a small assortment to choose from.
Sounds familiar, but I did it in about ten years.

For me, a j-frame is just a bit "long" (front-to rear) and the grip wants to peek out. This is true in all of my jeans and most of my shorts. Dressier slacks sometimes have deeper pockets, which swallowed the whole thing, but that only allowed carry wearing certain pants.

My LCP or PM9 are a good bit "shorter" front-to rear and fit in the front pocket of any of my slacks, jeans, shorts, etc. LCP will also fit in back pocket of all. I have also carried my Kahr P45 and a 3" 1911 in front pocket, but I consider either far more suited to IWB.

It should go without saying that regardless of the handgun, a pocket holster is a must. A DeSantis Nemesis made for mini-Glocks can accommodate a variety of handguns, including all of the ones mentioned in this post.
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