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Self defense is a basic and fundamental human right. The right to own firearms and other weapons is protected within our Constitution because it is so basic to that fundamental right. To the extent that these basic rights are "controversial," they are controversial because we as gun owners have allowed them to become so.

My fundamental human rights are not for sale.

There are many, many other places to give charitably, to support injured veterans and other worthwhile causes. I don't need to line the pockets of an organization that pays its CEO hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and wants me and mine to sit at the back of their bus and shut up. I'll give to another organization instead. Why? Because the ideas you feed are the ones that grow!

I don't want to live in a society where my basic human rights are "controversial" in some way, so I won't reward that perspective by feeding it dollars I could spend or give elsewhere.

Kathy Jackson
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