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Ain't it COOL!!!!!

This year Eldest (daughter) outhunted me: a doe came out of a plum thicket she had just walked out ..... after we had walked the 1/4 mile back to the car .... the doe walked out into the middle of a stubble field on the next hill and laid down on the back side of a terrace. Eldest declared, "I'm going to go shoot that deer!" I told her she'd be wasting her time, as the deer would see her coming 1/4 mile away and skedaddle before she got in range (she's using a 30/30)...... "I sure won't get it if I don't try!" ..... so she goes for a walk .... 1/4 mile south ..... near 1/2 mile east, and then back north, coming up into the wind and up hill ..... got within 200 yards before the deer saw her, and closed the range to less than 150 before the deer stood up and she shot her ...... the deer took off running, stopped and she shot her again, and deer turned a circle, and ran a bit and stopped, and she shot her again ..... and the deer went down .... two hits through the chest, and one through the back leg above the hock..... I watched the whole thing from the car trough binoculars..... and she has now pronounced me "old" and never lets a chance go by to remind me that "If you don't try, you won't ever accomplish anything!"

Life is Good.
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