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The most interesting stat I think is number of rounds by caliber required for incapacitation. Don't hate on me, I'm just relaying the message. The reports say the 22 caliber has the lowest number of hits needed aside from a 12 gauge shotgun.
From your link: Some people will look at this data and say "He's telling us all to carry .22s". That's not true. Although this study showed that the percentages of people stopped with one shot are similar between almost all handgun cartridges, there's more to the story. Take a look at two numbers: the percentage of people who did not stop (no matter how many rounds were fired into them) and the one-shot-stop percentage. The lower caliber rounds (.22, .25, .32) had a failure rate that was roughly double that of the higher caliber rounds. The one-shot-stop percentage (where I considered all hits, anywhere on the body) trended generally higher as the round gets more powerful. This tells us a couple of things...

I think we may be better served by picking cartridges that perform well in the FBI's ballistics tests than choosing cartridges based on "one shot stops."
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