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Thanks to all for the help! Finally got started on loading and doing load testing. It was a great success. Started at 4.8gr of power pistol and worked up to 5.2gr of power pistol in .1gr increments. Found a sweet spot at 5.1gr.

I'll continue to experiment with the higher charge weights later on, but I seem to have found my economy load. Now I'm going to switch to a cheaper bullet, perhaps Berry's plated 115gr RN and work a permanent economy load with that bullet.

Happy to say that I've been getting good consistent throws of 5.1gr of power pistol out of my Lee PPM. So far I've been checking each drop and they have all been dead on only a few needing a tenth of a grain or so. So far I've loaded 200 of my own, and fired 45 of those in load testing.

Thanks again to everybody fr the help!

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