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The other thing I've noticed at the super stores is the poor selection of bullet weights and shotshell shot numbers for the game in this region. Guess that's what happens when corporate buyers try to pick the narrowest selection of products merely to maximize profits nationally. Yuck!
The buyers get paid to stock what they think will sell ..... that's their job: to maximize profits. When they get it wrong, the company loses money, and they might lose their job...... Corporations (aka "Businesses") are in business to "maximize profits" for their owners- in the case of Corporations, that's stockholders- those that don't "maximize profits", especially in hard times like these, are losing money.... and won't be around long to complain about. Wonder Bread, or a Ho-Ho, anybody?

That is the Capitalist System, in which The Market is the final Arbiter (What sells is Successful: the customer is the final Arbiter) and the Alternative is very bleak: Men in charge, with all their failings, make their choices, and the guy in line at the Government store is stuck with the result, as he must buy THE product, if there is anything on the shelf at all.

The Free Market is self correcting: If you see a need, and think you can fill it and make a profit, get some money together..... if your idea is so good(profitable), then you don't even need any money: investors will give you money (Capital!) in return for a share of profits (Shares of Stock!)...... so rather than grouse about how an evil "Corporation" is doing a job, how about putting your thinkin' cap on and doing that job better than they do..... It shouldn't be that hard, if they are doing such a bad job of it in the first place, right?
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