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Originally Posted by OP
I was thinking of 100 grn Hornady interlock or maybe see if i can pick up some Federal with 100 grn partitions. Any suggestions,thoughts?
I use 100 grain Hornadys, pushed to about 3100 fps with a good load of Reloder 22. Very accurate in my Savage model 10. It's my go-to load in the .243 Win. I bought a bunch of them on sale four years ago, when they're gone I'll pick up another bullet, possibly the Barnes Triple Shock. Everything I've read about Barnes bullets say that they love speed.

I have had one of those Hornady's fail, but I don't blame the design. This may have been one faulty bullet out of a lot of 10,000. That bullet hit the deer in the rib at about 3000 fps and exploded, ruining the on-side shoulder. What was left of the bullet penetrated about 3", collapsing the on-side lung and shredding the heart. It looked like a small explosion had happened in that deer's chest. I know all this because I found him and dragged him out. He hadn't gone far.

Originally Posted by reloader28
On a side note, I helped my uncle cut up his elk today that he shot with a Barnes Triple Shock I think he said. With his 270 WSM and that thing is pure junk. It didnt even expand to full caliber diameter as far as I'm concerned. It had lots of penetration. Quartering away and the bullet went thru the gut, thru the vitals and imbedded in the base of the neck by the shoulder. He did get the elk however.
When it left the barrel it was full caliber diameter. The bullet went through the gut, thru the vitals and lodged in the base of the neck. Y'all dragged it out. It sounds to me like that bullet did just exactly what it was designed to do.

Originally Posted by jimbob86
Unfortunately, so many hunters think that picking up a box before deer season is all the ammo they need ...... "One Boxers" ....... (exits, muttering)....
I had a rifle like that once, I didn't reload for the caliber, and just picked up a box of ammo. Four rounds later the rifle was zero'd and I had 16 rounds left to hunt with. Very accurate little rifle in 7mm-08, and as it turns out, I never loaded for that caliber. I'd pick up one box of ammo per year and I very seldom shot more than 20 rounds a year from that rifle. I didn't need to. Everything I shot at with that rifle fell over and kicked.

I lost that rifle during a divorce, and I admit that I miss the rifle a whole lot more than I miss the woman.
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