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The real problem is, predicting when it will die. ..
I Sharpie the install date on mine. They use the coin-sized battery. On my HD Aimpoint, I change it every couple of years. It should go 5, but this way I am not worried about predicting which it will fail. It costs me a buck or so to make the switch.

The others will get changed around 4 years, though they will probably last beyond that given the units do get turned off once in a while. Once again, I should not have to predict when the batts will die since I will be changing them early.

For folks doing stuff like hunting, I don't see the problem in carrying a spare if it is a mission-critical item. I also don't understand the OP's comment...

Mine just died - or at least the batteries died. I can't seem to find the box I have the spares in. I do have a scope, but with only 3 more days in the season up here, I know both my neighbors are out in the woods too, and so I don;t really want to sight in a rifle and drive everything away.
On what unit does changing the batteries require sighting in the red dot unit again?
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