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I have two Milt Sparks holsters one is a Versa Max 2 for SIG P229 the other a Sumer Special for GLOCK 26. They are both very well made and seem to have held up well.

The Versa Max to be honest is probably about as close to perfect as I suspect an IWB holster can be. It is thin and wide which really seems to distribute the weight of an all metal gun nicely. I find this holster to be very comfortable and easy to wear when sitting, walking, driving and pretty much any activity within reason.

The Summer Special is small and easy to conceal and as the name implies seems good for summer. The only issue I have noted with the Summer Special is with a small gun it is so short that it feels as if it might slip out of the top of my pants at times. It never really does, but again it just sometimes feels that way.
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